Business Management Training (BMT) College Virtual Campus

By | October 3, 2021

Business Management Training (BMT) College Virtual Campus

Virtual Campus

The BMT College Virtual Campus (VC) is our online learning platform with full study support from your lecturers. This exciting platform allows you to study anywhere, any time, but within the parameters of your programme’s assignment due to the date schedule.

Our VC is user friendly and easy to navigate from your smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer with internet access. Alternatively, you may arrange to visit the BMT College campus which is equipped with laptops and Wi-Fi to enable you to log onto the VC. The dedicated staff is available to provide you with the necessary support to access the VC effortlessly. You can also request telephonic support from our friendly IT staff or request electronic guidelines on how to navigate the platform.


The VC enables you to download your material, complete and submit assignments online, receive instant results (formatives), track your study progress, ask questions to your lecturers in real-time, collaborate with other students, access additional resources, make suggestions and provide opinions on forum discussions, engage in video discussions, view account status, comment on latest College news, track parcels, order textbooks, make online payments, view and set up the calendar with important dates and much more.

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