Boston City Campus Vacancy 2023-2024

Boston City Campus Vacancy 2023-2024

Career Compass

Boston offers you Career Compass, a computerised assessment that is fully online, nationally, and free as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. Choosing the career best suited to you can be life-changing, and it involves a commitment to fees too, so it is vital that you match your interests to the most appropriate skills and studies for yourself. It is offered at no obligation or cost to you.

A follow-up personal chat is excellent for clarification, so you can elect to send your Career Profile to your closest Boston branch and request a call-back, simply by registering on the system. This is also free and comes with no obligation.

The assessment itself is a high-tech and brief career insight evaluation that is aimed at helping you reach an informed decision about what career you should pursue, based on your interests. It will help you explore topics such as whether:

  • you’d prefer to work regular office hours or extended hours.
  • you’d prefer to work with numbers, or people, or alone, or as a member of a team.
  • you’re creative and would like to use that in your work life.  Or whether you’d like to enter the working world as a technician, web designer, programmer or administrator

The answers to these – and other – pertinent questions will help guide you toward your ideal study programme and career path.

Results are available immediately and shown as a graph which ranks your results from the most suitable career options for you to the least, based on your interests.

Why not give it a try now? Click here and invest 25 minutes in giving yourself the gift of happy working life.