Alexander Road High School Applications, Fees and Subjects 2023-2024

Alexander Road High School Applications, Fees and Subjects 2023-2024

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Alexander Road High School Fees, Application – See details of the School Fee structure, Application forms and list of courses offered…

Alex is a happy, stable, caring school creating a sense of belonging in all its members.

Maintaining a progressive, proactive approach to our responsibility to build a nation, we provide an excellent standard of education. We integrate academic, cultural and sporting endeavours, spiritual and emotional development, and social awareness.

We recognize Alex’s role as a leader in the community, both immediate and broad

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At Alex, we strive to

1. maintain a happy, safe, stable, family atmosphere through mutual dignity and respect.
2. ensure that our members have a competitive edge in society.
3. offer a relevant, challenging and balanced education.
4. create an environment where all Alexans and staff can reach their full potential.
5. communicate with all partners.
6. provide the best possible educational resources.
7. encourage responsibility towards the community and the environment.

Our highly committed and professional teachers encourage all students to acquire knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes which will prepare them to lead satisfying adult lives.

We want our students to be happy and enjoy a sense of pride in their appreciation of human achievements and cultures. We encourage a spirit of enquiry and rational argument. Hard work, self-discipline and a love of all that is good exemplify our ALtogether EXperience.

If you require any further information, inquiries, questions, or Issues, feel free to contact Alexander Road High School – Contact Details/Information

Feel free to contact our office at:

​Telephone: ​​+27 (41) 365 1270
Fax: +27 (41) 365 1196
Email: ​