About Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts

About Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts

The Academy_

We teach creatives.

Founded in 2006 by a team of very passionate people, the Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts officially opened its doors in 2007. Since that first day, we’ve been committed to exceptional education standards, and enjoy national and international industry accreditation, as well as recognition as a centre of Higher Education, registered with the Department of Higher Education. 

Throughout the years, the Academy of Digital Arts has attracted staff and students from around the globe. This international network keeps our finger on the pulse of global trends and we constantly update our techniques and technology to keep our students at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital arts. 

It is such a privilege to be a part of this course. The knowledge gained from top professionals from around SA and the world has already started helping us innovate and I’m excited to learn even more over the coming months. The Academy of Digital Arts has run a world-class course and I am extremely grateful to Media24 (Pty) Ltd for this opportunity to further develop my skills and hopefully add more value to the business.

Daniel de la Rey
Media Intelligence Manager at Media24

Our passionate lecturers also play a vital role in keeping our academy current and connected. They’re all practising professionals in their fields, bringing invaluable real-world knowledge, contacts and insights to the table. 

On top of all this, our campus is pretty specialnestled in the beating heart of Cape Town’s city centre. It’s the ideal spot to absorb the local lifestyle and cosmopolitan culture and get the inspiration flowing. This creative energy drives our classes, which remain firmly rooted in international best practices, and are designed to prepare our students for a future-proof creative career anywhere in the world. 

Part of a wider tribe _

The Academy of Digital Arts is an integral part of the wider Friends of Design tribe, which includes:  

  1.  A short-course academy 
  2.  A customised corporate training department for practising professionals 
  3.  A fully-fledged design studio and agency called Loud Rabbits.
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What does this mean for ADA students?

Being involved in all aspects of the industry enables ADA to create a uniquely well-rounded educational experience for our students.  

We have excellent insight into existing gaps in the professional workplace from our corporate training workshops, and ensure our graduates leave our doors with all the most desirable skills in their fields. 

We also understand real-world clients and their evolving expectations, because our practising lecturers deal with them every day. We use this knowledge to prepare our students for the professional interactions that await them in the workplace and give them the confidence and experience to excel in client-facing situations from day one. 

Bridging the gap

A huge part of our teaching philosophy at the Academy of Digital Arts is to bridge the gap between education and the industry.  

To help us do this, we partner with numerous creative organisations, exhibitions, companies and educational departments to help develop our students’ skills, expose them to future contacts and opportunities, and help drive conversation and ongoing growth within our creative community. 

We also leverage our own industry experience to design courses that meet the current needs of the workplace and prepare our students to embrace future trends and technologies coming down the pipeline. As a result, our graduates are renowned for their industry readiness and employability and are highly sought-after within the digital arts fields. 


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